What are colored contact lenses?

Colored contact lenses are made by adding color between the surface layers of contact lenses. It is a cosmetic lens.
In fact, many idol lens are worn by Korean idols. They use colored contact lenses mainly to change their eye color and for enlarging effects.
Colored contact lenses come in various colors such as light gray contacts , red contacts , black contacts , purple contacts , brown contacts , blue contacts.
The brightness and the color can be differently shown depending on what eye color you have.
There are continuous wear colored contact lenses that can be used for 2~3 months, 1month and disposable colored contact lenses that can be used for a day.

When is the expiration date of the contact lens?

OLENS products can be stored for 4-5 years after manufacturing. On the package of contact lens, you can find a manufacturing date (Factory Icon) and Expire date (Hourglass Icon). Some contact lens, especially the bottled lens, we have a different way to write the expiry date on it. The order is YY/MM/DD.

Do you have the contact lens for astigmatism?

We are afraid that we don't have the contact lens for astigmatism. Please check your eye prescription carefully before placing an order.

What's the role of graphic diameter?

Graphic diameter is the width of the graphic area where the colors, patterns are located. Enlargement effect depends on the graphic diameter of the contact lens. So if the graphic diameter is big(over 13.3mm), it can make your eyes look bigger and give dolly eye effects. But if the graphic diameter of the contact lens is small(11.9m~13.1mm), it fits naturally on your eyes that people cannot notice that you wear the contact lens.

What's the difference between Diameter and Graphic diameter?

Diameter (DIA) is literally the diameter of the contact lens meaning the total width of the contact lens. Graphic diameter is the width of the graphic area where the colors, patterns are located.

Can I re-use 1day disposable lens for more than one day?

Contact lens is manufactured in different duration, with different materials, water contents, etc. 1day disposable lens is designed for a short term using purpose. So it may lead to eye illness or make you feel uncomfortable if you wear it for more than one day. For your eyes health, you must not re-use 1day disposable lens.

I just store my monthly lens in a closed lens case with the solution for a month, not wear. Can I use it for next month?

The recommended wearing duration is not related to the number of wearing. Even if you don't wear it every day, even if you just store it in a closed lens case with enough solution, you must not wear it if the recommended wearing duration is over after open. The recommended wearing duration starts from the first opening day, regardless of whether it is worn or not.

Why is the actual color different from that on the website?

By various conditions such as lighting, your original eye color, and shape that it may look different from the pictures. Please consider the variation before purchase.

You can refer to our Review pages under Community tab, where there are Staff reviews and Youtuber reviews. On Customer review, our customers from all over the world leave many real reviews about the colors, patterns, comfort of products, shipping service, etc. 

What kind of Materials of contact lens do you have?

We, OLENS, have various contact lenses made of HEMA, Silicon hydrogel, and Puscon which is made of Phosphorycholine. You can check the material of the products at "Specification" in all product details.

Each material has different advantages. Please choose according to your preference. If you have a sensitive eye, we highly recommend you to wear the contact lens made of Puscon. It will make your sensitive eyes more comfortable and healthy. More about Puscon, please refer to "What is Puscon?"

What is Puscon?

Puscon is biocompatible hydrophilic contact lens material. It is the material also used for crafting artificial blood vessels for cardiac surgery as it has the same molecular structure as our bodies.

Additionally, Puscon pulls water from the air to form a solid moisture barrier on the surface of the contact lens, which prevents evaporation and provides moisture for 12 hours.

The moisture barrier of Puscon also can keep the lens surface always clean. Its moisture barrier repels fine dust, pollution, and protein build-up.

Puscon material provides enough oxygen and protects the eyes from UV rays.

If you want to know Puscon more, please check the details here.

When I received a product, the outer box was open. Is it defective?

If you received the product's outer box opened, it's due to frequent moving and environmental changes during international shipping. You don't need to worry about wearing the contact lens sealed in each blister inside as it's individually sealed and hygienically processed. Only the open of the product's outer box cannot be the subject for refund or exchange.

Do you have a toric lens?

We are afraid that we don't have a toric contact lens. We only have soft contact lenses to correct nearsightedness or non-prescription lenses.

Is it safe to wear colored contacts?

Yes, colored contacts are safe to wear if you follow the proper wear and care. All products of OLENS are K-FDA certified for their safety and qualities. Especially, Olens colored contacts are ‘sandwich printed’, which color design is safely sealed between the surface layers so that it does not touch your iris directly.

What are the differences between monthly contact lenses and daily contact lenses?

Every contact lens has time limits. For example, 1month contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days from the day you open them. Daily or known as 1day contacts are for a day only. Do not wear your contact lenses for longer than prescribed. On Olens website, you can find various contact lenses with 1 month, 3~6 months, and 1day usage.

Can I use my glasses prescription when I buy contact lenses?

The answer is they are not perfectly the same. Since eyeglasses are usually farther than contact lenses, the power of eyeglasses will be mildly higher than contact lenses. For precise checking, we recommend you book an eye examination with an Ophthalmologist before your purchase. Eye examination can determine the proper base curve size, diameter, and material for your eye.

How can I purchase OLENS when I have two different eye powers?

Customers who have different eye powers have to buy 2 boxes of the same item with different eye powers. For monthly contact lenses and bottled lenses, you can select different powers for each eye. But for 1day contact lenses or kits, you need to buy 2 of them for each eye power.

How do I check the expiry date and manufacturing date of colored contacts?

Colored contacts have their own expiration date and manufacturing date. We ship out all products after we check the expiry date several times, so you do not have to worry at all. You can also read them on the package. There are written ‘제조일자’ and ‘유통기한’ which means ‘manufacturing date’ and ‘expiration date’ each in Korean.

Why should I use OLens contact lenses?

OLens is the best Korean contact lenses brand. We produce a variety of Kpop contact lenses. OLens values the health of the eyes as much as the external beauty. In addition, OLens offers a variety of social contribution activities focusing on women and eye health. Through our activities, we are trying to pursue our value as healthy eye care and spread our positive influence to the world.

What are the advantages of colored contact lenses?

Colored contacts can make the pupils clearer and gives dreamy and enlarging effect. Also, you can create various mood from romantic to sexy by changing your eye color!

Are colored contacts illegal?

No, they are safe to use if they are certified eye wear products. But Import policy of colored contact lenses is different depending on each country, therefore please check your country’s policy before making an order.

How can I use colored contact lenses?

Colored contacts can be used with various beauty elements, such as fashion or makeup. Idol lenses such as BTS contact lenses worn by K-pop idols can harmonize with K-beauty makeup. Complete Korean makeup with idol lens worn by real K-pop idols! You can also use various colored contact lenses suitable for E-girl makeup. Colored contact lenses suitable for E-girl makeup include Spanish brown contacts and Russian smoky brown contacts.

What are the BTS lens products?

BTS lens products include BOY WITH LUV, DNA, and IDOL. BOY WITH LUV colored contact lenses are available in Soul Pink, Soul Gray, Soul Indigo Blue, Soul Blue, Soul Hazel, and One Day Soul Brown. DNA colored contact lenses are available in One Day Brown, Light Blue, Pink, Blue, and Brown. IDOL colored contact lenses are available in one-day gray, blue, olive green, gray and hazel. If you purchase BTS colored contact lenses, you can also get a random BTS photo card!


How can I change the address and options for the products?

Before you make a payment, we ask you very carefully to check the order details such as prescriptions, address, and total amount. Once your order has been submitted successfully, it's hard to change these details.

If there's anything wrong, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible. You can ask us only cancelation of the order, not the change of options such as the degree or the design of the products in the "Order Received" Status.

Once your order is in a "Shipping in process", no further changes can be made. For exchange or cancellation, you must return the product in its original state within 30 days from ordering.

For more information on returns, please check the Return section.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

All orders are processed and shipped on business days only, Monday through Friday Korean Standard Time(GMT+9), excluding the bank holidays within Korea. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on the next business day.

Orders must be placed by 9:00AM KST(GMT+9) to start processing on the same day. If an order is placed after the deadline, it will be processed the next business day.

I want to cancel my order.

Please contact Customer Service via Chatbot or Email (hello@olensspecialstore.com) as soon as possible.

Once your order is in the "Shipping in process", cancellation can't be made. To get a full refund, you have to ship back the product in its original state within 30 days from the ordering date.

After the cancellation, Money-Back will take about 7 business days or more depending on your card-issuing company. If you don't get a refund within 7 business days after the cancellation, please contact your card-issuing company.

I have a problem completing the payment for an order.

If you see an error message related to the payment with your credit card, please double-check the card information that you've entered first and be sure that the card is not expired. If you still have a problem, please try other payment methods, for example, Wechat Pay, Alipay, or Paypal if you have an account.

After validating the information you've entered and an error message is received a second attempt, contact your card issuing company or our Customer Service for further assistance.

What types of payment method I can choose?

We accept payment methods by:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Unionpay)
  • Razer Merchant Services (Malaysia only)
  • Alipay, UnionPay, Wechat Pay(PC), 
  • YooMoney

About "Buy 1 Get 1 free", Can I choose different products in B1G1 collection?

Yes, you can choose 2 different products that are labelled with Buy 1 Get 1 Free.
Discount will be taken on the cheapest item.

How many pairs can I get on BOGO(1+1) promotion?

As a box of monthly contact lens, there is a pair of contact lens with the same design and same power. And you will receive 2 boxes from BOGO promotion.

If you have different power for each eye, you can choose different power for each box.

We do not sell the contact lens in a piece.

How can I buy prescribed contacts online?

To purchase contact lenses online, customers need to know their eye prescription. On our website, you can choose various prescribed contacts with different designs and colors. you can put them in your cart, pay, and receive them by courier.

The standard shipping usually takes 7~21 business days, while the express shipping usually takes 2~5 business days.
Sometimes, due to the impact of COVID-19, it can take more than we expect depending on the international shipment schedule.
For some countries, shipping may not be available due to the import policy and restrictions.

Why does my payment get declined?

As there is a safety issue for the international transaction, we hope your understanding. Please try another card and another payment method like Paypal, WeChat, Alipay. You can check out the payment methods that we offer below on our website.


Why are you not shipping to the United States currently?

We regret to inform you that all shipments to the United States is TEMPORARILY unavailable, effective from now.
This is due to logistical constraints.
We will open up the shipping and inform you as soon as the issue has been rectified. 

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.


To which countries do we ship to?

We ship to almost every country worldwide including Malaysia, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore... etc
Unfortunately, at the moment, we do NOT provide any shipping to the US, Brazil, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and Taiwan.

We provide both options of Express and Standard Shipping at your checkout page so that you can choose your best pricing option.

However, currently we only provide Express Shipping for Canada and only Standard Shipping for Russia and Spain.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Is OLENS contact lens free shipping?

You can get FREE Express Shipping on orders over $150 and FREE Standard Shipping on orders over $100.

With express shipping, you can get the order within 5 business days from the date of order and Standard Shipping within 20 business days.

However, currently we only provide Express Shipping for Canada and only Standard Shipping for Russia and Spain.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

How long does it take to my country?

We ship to almost all countries in the world.
There are two types of shipping methods you can choose at your checkout page "Express" and "Standard" depending on your best pricing option.

Express Shipping (DHL): 2-5 business days on average
Standard Shipping (PANTOS, RINCOS, K-PACKET): 10-20 business days on average

The above is an average date for delivery.
Depending on various factors including local postal service hour, customs clearance, weather…etc delivery can be a little delayed.

After it's onboard, you can check the expected delivery date in the delivery carrier's site or our Track Your Order service with the tracking number provided in your email.

However, currently we only provide Express Shipping for Canada and only Standard Shipping for Russia and Spain.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

How can I track my package?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive tracking information by email right away.
Simply use the tracking number provided to track your package’s most up-to-date delivery information online.

Alternatively, you can track your delivery information through our Track your Order service (it's also at the bottom of our page).
Enter your Order number and email to see where your parcel is!

You can also use our chatbot service.
Simply click on ‘Can I get update on my order status?’ link and enter your order information (Order number & Email address) to see your delivery status.

I didn't receive my order confirmation email.

Immediately after you have successfully placed your order with us, you will receive an order confirmation email including order detail.
If you can't find it, first of all, please check your junk/spam mail section or check if your mailbox is full.

Some email domains including Hotmail and Yahoo cause some issues blocking our emails. In this case, we recommend you to use Gmail.

Alternatively, you can track your delivery information through our Track your Order service (it's also at the bottom of our page).
Enter your Order number and email to see where your parcel is!
Or you can contact us through our chatbot service or hello@olensspecialstore.com.

My order has not arrived.

First of all, please check the delivery status of your parcel with the tracking number and link we sent to you via email.

If the delivery status says "Delivered", but you don't get your parcel, please check your mailbox, lobby, reception or anywhere your parcel can be placed. And then, please contact your local delivery service company such as DHL, UPS, Post office. Even you still can't find your parcel, please contact our Customer Service.

Or there can be a little gap between the real status and website of the delivery update.

Standard shipping could occur lost parcel problems. We highly recommend you to use Express shipping method which is very safe and fast.

Tracking updates have been frozen for a few days.

Delivery processing may be delayed due to local delivery circumstances such as customs clearance, bad weather, volume, etc and tracking updates may stop accordingly.
It will be updated if you wait for a little, so please be patient with us.

Nevertheless, if the update fails for more than 2 weeks, please contact us with your order number.
We will check where your parcel is with our carriers and take action based on the investigation.

I didn't receive my parcel after the expected delivery date.

We try our best to provide an expected delivery date, but it could vary on factors including local postal service hour, customs clearance, weather, etc.

Yet, if you do not receive your parcel over the expected delivery date, please contact the delivery carrier's service center as soon as possible. Or you can contact our Customer Service, then we will check where your parcel is with our carriers and take action based on the investigation.

I have an issue with my package I received.

If you have received a damaged/not what you ordered products, please keep the items.
And contact our Customer Service with your order number, name of the item, LOT number on the package, and the picture of item/parcel which has a problem.
With these details, we'll check your issue and do our best to resolve it.

And we can provide you the responsible service on each order for 6month from the date of the order.
So we recommend you check the products' status when you receive it.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

I have to pay customs duties to receive the product. What should I do?

This does not apply to all orders, it's depending on your country, but in this case, you must charge customs duties to receive the products.
As stated in our shipping policy, the product price does not include any customs duties, taxes, and other charges. These fees associated with your order are the responsibility of the recipient and OLENS doesn't collect these. So if you want to know how much the customs is charged on your order, please contact your country's customs office.

Please refer to our shipping policy and cooperate for smooth delivery.

My package has returned to OLENS.

Your parcel may return to us due to several reasons, for example, the absence of receiver, insufficient/incorrect address, unclaimed, etc.

In this case, when we get your parcel back, we will contact you via an email and you can ask us to redeliver or cancel it. The shipping fee for the redelivery of returning parcel will be charged on you.
When you cancel the returning order, the shipping fee is not refundable as it's already shipped out and back once.

Your returned parcel will be kept until we hear from you.


I want to get a refund for my order.

Regarding refund, the items should be returned in its original state within 30 days from the date of order.

Before returning the items to us, you should contact us first through our Chatbot service or at hello@olensspecialstore.com to request a refund with the order number. Then we will let you know the next step.

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs of the return. The shipping fee is non-refundable.
Once we receive the items back, we will check the status of goods and process the refund within 3 business days. After you send us the items, please let us know the tracking number with your order number.

I want to exchange an item I ordered.

Regarding exchange, an item should be returned in its original state within 30 days from the date of order. Before returning the items to us, you must inform us of your order number and which products you want to exchange by inquiry. Then we let you know the next step. If you just send them without notice, the exchange is not available.

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs for the exchange. Once we receive, we check the status of goods and process the exchange with 3 business days.

After you send us the package, please let us know the tracking number and order number, items to exchange.


What's the best colored contact lens for dark eyes?

If you want a wholly changed eye color, use Russian velvet or Russian smoky. They have a natural blended shade with a soft and calm edge line. So it can turn your dark eyes brighter.
Or if you are looking for natural colored contacts, but you want circle lenses, we recommend ViVi Ring, Cherry Moon, Someday. Their flawless circle line makes your eyes clear.

What colored contact lenses do kpop idol wear?

OLENS is popular in kpop idol, kceleb. They love Russian Velvet collection. It's because Russian velvet's high color and natural pattern make their styling on their stage special.

What's the best colored contact lens for Asian eyes?

Asian almost has brown eyes. If you want to enhance your natural eye color, brown colored contacts below are the best pick. They go well with Asian styling, including kbeauty.

- Spanish brown
- Scandi hazel
- ViVi Ring brown
- Eyelighter Glowy brown

Or if you want to change your brown eyes to other colors, you can transform your eyes and whole style.

- Spanish gray/ Spanish real olive
- Scandi gray/ Scandi light gray
- Russian velvet green/ Russian smoky olive

What's the natual colored contact lens?

OLENS has the first 11.9mm graphic size contact lenses, Spanish and Scandi. These are our best sellers and they have various colors such as Hazel, Gray, Olive, Aqua, Pink contact lenses. If you are looking for the most natural looking contact lenses, they are the best choice.

For natural black contact lenses, we recommend Eyelighter Glowy Black. Realistic highlight effect and deep edge line make your eyes look more multi-dimensionally.

What contact lenses make your eyes bigger?

If you're looking for enlarging color contacts, these big circle lenses are popular in Asia. They have 13.8mm~13.9mm graphic diameter.

- Bigsome
- Starlight 3con
- ViVi 3con
- Complex 3con

What's the best colored contacts for Halloween?

We recommend you Vampire collection, which OLENS has exclusively. It has Red and Silver colors and it's perfect for Halloween look. Its 13.5mm fancy graphic design pattern with red and silver colors is just right for any Halloween costume color lens.

Which contact lenses are the most comfortable for sensitive/dry eyes?

Contact lenses’ fitting can be very different depending on what materials they are made out of. OLENS are made of Puscon, K-FDA certified material that is more moisturizing and comfortable than silicone colored contacts. If you use Puson 1day products, they are easier to use and comfortable even for sensitive and dry eyes.

You can check out Best sellers of Puscon here.

What's the best OLENS coloured contacts in South Korea?

In Korea, 'Viviring' is the best colored contacts product line. It is a hydrophilic one-day soft contact lens line made of a puscon material. If you want a clear circleline, we recommend colored contact lenses of Viviring line that has various colors such as brown, choco, gray, and pink. 

And colored contacts of Russian Velvet Line are also famous for being Kpop idol lenses.
It has High Pigmentation and no line on the edge of contacts which makes your eyes natural bright. And it also has various colors such as brown, gray, green, and blue, so you can choose based on your eye styling.

What light gray contacts lenses do you recommend?

The best seller of light gray contact lenses is Olens ‘Scandi Light Gray'. It is a natural blend of bright gold and gray color and is made from bio-compatible material Puscon that provides comfortable and moist wear with UV protection. It brightens up your eye color, and it will help your eyes to glow. 
If you prefer natural and dreamy gray contacts, we recommend 'Spanish Gray'. 

What red contacts lenses do you recommend?

Are you looking for colored contacts for special makeup? Then, we recommend Olens 'Vampire Red'.
It has a fancy graphic design pattern and intensive Red color. With this saturated red contacts, you can easily do any makeup that will make you special, including Halloween makeup.
If you find coloured contacts for a perfect eye-catching makeup, we recommend 'Vampire Red’. 

What blue contacts lenses do you recommend?

We recommend 'Spanish Real Sky', the blue contacts of Olens Spanish line.
It is coloured contact that blends naturally with blue and gray, making your eyes shine with different moods.
And its 11.9mm Graphic design pattern will fit into your eyes perfectly and make your eyes special by changing your Iris only with a one and only kind of design.
If you prefer a natural grayish blue color, again, we recommend 'Spanish Real Sky'. 

What black contacts lenses do you recommend?

For your natural chic look, we recommend Olens “Eyelighter glowy black”.
It will make your eyes more clear and bigger with the deep and clear black edge line.
The dark gold shade of highlighter design will naturally blend with your original eye color.
Glowy also has brown and ash gray color.

What brown contacts lenses do you recommend?

For Brown Contacts, we recommend 'Viviring One Day Brown’,the bestseller in South Korea.
It is a hydrophilic one-day soft contact lens made of lens puscon material with a soft color of milky cream beige and a clear circle line.
It is suitable for daily use and can create a romantic atmosphere.

If you prefer clear and darker color, we recommend 'Viviring One Day Choco’. 

Are there colored contacts for brown eyes?

Of course!
OLens has brown contacts in various designs and colors.
Click here to browse our range of colored contact lenses perfect for brown eyes.


What is OLENS Special Store? How does it differ from OLENS Global?

Our olensspecialstore.com and olensglobal.com are both OLENS official websites - owned and operated by the same company.
We have launched this new Special Store to give you new customer experience in purchasing our products.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and if you need any assistance, please contact us on our Chatbot service or via our email on hello@olensspecialstore.com

Wear & Care

Do contact lenses feel uncomfortable at first?

There are so many factors causing you to feel uncomfortable wearing the contact lens.
So it is hard to see this uncomfortableness only from the products' problem, especially defective.
The comfort can be different each day depending on your body conditions.

* Factors to cause you to feel uncomfortable
- Wear lenses without washing hands.
- Wear lenses for over 8 hours.
- Drank a lot last night
- Slept not well last night
- Dry environment around, etc.

You can refer to the campaign for wear & care.

I have negative(-) eye power, what does it mean?

Nearsighted(Myopia) means you can see things clearly if they are close to your eyes. Most of the people have nearsightedness and minus lenses used to correct it.
In contrast, farsighted(Hyperopia) means you can clearly see things that are far away and plus lenses used to correct it.
So the contact lenses used to correct eyes are minus, plus each. Minus means not your eye power, but the sign of lenses used to correct your eyes.

Why is my vision blurry with my contact lenses?

Clean your lens properly before wearing them. You must wear the contact lens before putting on any type of make-up to prevent any particles to be driven into your eyes while wearing the lenses on.

If you look blurry or foggy while wearing the contact lens, please take it out, and rinse, rub it with the fresh solution. Then wear it again. If this blurry vision persists despite doing as suggested above, please see an eye doctor and check your prescription. Or contact our Customer Service.

Tips for contact lens care

* Keep the contact lens case clean and replace it every three months.
* Rinse the contact lens every time before you wear and after you wear them.
* Rinse the contact lens case with fresh solution – not water.
* Do not allow the tip of the solution bottle to come into contact with any surface, and keep the bottle tightly close when not in use.

What are the rules of wearing contacts?

* Do not use contact lens if you have ocular disease or allergy to contact lens.
* When you feel painful and irritated during wearing, remove the contact lens and get advice from your eye doctor.
* Do not use eye drops while wearing contact lens.
* Do not use damaged or expired contact lens.
* We suggest you wearing contact lens less than 8 hours a day.

What should I do before wearing contact lens?

First of all, you always have to wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse carefully and dry before touching your contact lens. And rub and rinse contact lens with a fresh solution before and after each use. When you rinse it, please place 2-3 drops of a fresh solution and rub the obverse and reverse side of the contact lens.

Right before wearing, you must check the shape of contact lens, whether the contact lens has not turned inside out. The shape of contact lens should be "U "- Semicircular, not "V"- Inside out. If the contact lens is inside out, it will make you feel uncomfortable and will move around when you blink.

How to Wear colored contacat lens

First of all, please check whether the contact lens is inside out. Then open your eyes widely and place your contact lens on your eyes. Last, you should blink your eyes several times to make the contact lens fit in your eyes.

How to Remove colored contacat lens

First, please look at the mirror and check the contact lens. Then use your index finger, slide the contact lens down, and pinch the contact lens between your fingers. Last, please remove it from your eyes.

If you can’t remove it, don’t try to pull the contact lens off. It's better to put a few drops of lubricating eye drops and gently pinch the contact lens out of your eyes.

Can I clean the contact lens with Hydrogen peroxide?

Regarding cleaning the contact lens with Hydrogen peroxide, 1day disposable lens is absolutely never, but monthly products are recommended cleaning with it once a week.

If you don't follow these recommendations, the contact lens can be transformed and it makes eyes hurt.

How to use Hyaluronic acid eye drop?

Place 2-3 drops of Hyaluronic acid eye drop on the contact lens before wearing. Or while wearing, place it after taking them out. Please do not drop it into your eyes directly because it's not an eye drop.

Can I keep my contact lens with the case in the bathroom?

No. Bathroom, it's the place where high humidity makes germ propagation easily and that gets contact lens case polluted. So please place your contact lens not humid.

Should I wear the contact lens before make up?

Yes, you must wear your contact lenses before putting your make-up and remove them before removing your make-up.
It's because any specks of dirt can get into your eyes with the contact lens and the contact lens must not touch the water.

How many hours a day should you wear contacts?

We highly recommend our customers to wear contacts for a maximum of 8 hours a day in general. Wearing contacts longer may cause your eyes to become dry, eye redness, and even infection. Please remove your contacts when you feel dry and uncomfortable to prevent dryness and infection.

Is OLens contacts safe?

OLens is the Korean No. 1 cosmetic contact lens, realizing the value for beautiful and healthy eyes so that you can see a clear and bright world. In addition to functional lenses, we handle only KFDA-approved products with strict standards, so that you can use them safely and be reliable. Keep your eyes healthy with us!

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